Frequently Asked Questions

No, but at least one person in each ride must be an MU student. We have to see at least one MU student ID.

Rides are absolutely free! There is no charge. Our service is paid for by student fees.

Unfortunately, we do not take reservations. Rides are assigned and completed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Absolutely not! We’ll take you home no matter what the reason. Many of our patrons haven’t had anything to drink.

No patron has ever been cited for being under the influence while using STRIPES. In fact, the police occasionally call us to provide rides for intoxicated people they run in to instead of issuing them a citation. We have a great relationship with the police.

We rent all our cars from Avis, and they are almost brand-new! We like the new car smell too.

We agree! That’s why there are two STRIPES members in the car, no exceptions. We want everyone to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Plus, all our members must pass a competitive application and interview process, and pass a background check conducted by the university police department.

STRIPES is completely volunteer-based; all of our drivers, passengers, and call center operators are not getting paid. They do it because they want to help and give back to the community. In fact, some of our members are among our most frequent patrons.