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The road to 200,000 safe rides

STRIPES is very proud to have given over 185,000 rides to date and will soon pass 200,000 in the fall! With help from the University, our sponsors, and most importantly, our members, we have provided countless MU students with a safe ride home.

The road to 200,000 safe rides


Any MU student can call Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10pm – 3am of the semester for a safe, FREE ride home.



STRIPES extends a huge thank you to our major sponsors. From financial support to food for our volunteers, each of our sponsors plays an important role in keeping our program afloat and successful. To become a sponsor, please contact our food sponsorship coordinator, Maris Smith, at All donations are tax-deductible.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

STRIPES runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the semester. If we are not running for any reason, we will post on our Facebook or Twitter. Our detailed schedule can be found here.

10p.m. – 3a.m.

STRIPES will give rides to all MU students who submit a ride between 10PM and 3AM. We do not accept new rides past 3AM.

We will take you home

STRIPES will provide safe and confidential rides home within the city of Columbia for any MU student and their guests, without judgment and at no cost to the patron. About us.